Essentially a curation of personal tasting notes. My hope is simply to connect with as many like-minded wine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, to share ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Growing up as a kid in the Livermore Valley, California in the 1970’s my dad was a huge wine enthusiast who believed in the European tradition of introducing us to wine at an early age. I suffered many family trips to Napa Valley, Sonoma, the Central Coast and Europe when the adults would taste and the kids were bored to tears. As an adult those early memories and exposure to the world of wine have definitely become part of a lifelong avocation.

This Blog (and associated social media profiles) are an attempt to combine my lifelong passion for wines, photography and writing with my 20+ year career as a serial entrepreneur and 21st century marketer.

With the photos and notes I try to get the viewer as close as possible to actually experiencing the wine, sometimes getting the lens right into the glass, using light and motion to capture the color, texture and story behind each wine.

I typically don’t score wines because I find wines of such divergent origin, vintage, varietals and value impossible to compare grapes to grapes’. I do reference major reviewer’s scores in some cases and, in every case, you’ll know from the notes whether I think the subject wine is iconic, classic, value-oriented, undrinkable, etc.

If you are a producer, grower, importer or distributor and would like to request a review, please get in touch. If you need help promoting your brand and engaging influencers and customers we can help.