2003 Prager Winery and Port Works Riesling Sweet Claire Late Harvest

via Instagram Deep amber/honey, but probably closer to straw when bottled. High-octane fumes of apricot, ambergris/botrytis and intense florals may overwhelm the less-seasoned sweet Riesling taster. But, like a pack of mad glue sniffers, you late harvest aficionados will be giddy with olfactory delight as you take a whiff and find yourself being lured ever-deeper into the glass. And understand, the octane level I’m describing here is in no way related to high heat (8.0% alcohol and 13.4% residual sugar at bottling), but rather to the aromatic sensations alone. Ripe orchard fruits and orange curaçao on the tongue turns to dusty, semi-sweet flavor sensations further on. Modest acid level, pure and crisp; quite well-balanced for the style. Kudos @pragerwinery … 13 years and standing strong against the test of time. Drink now with a little dark chocolate, or hold until ?

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