2012 Marquis de Calon

Such a sexy and approachable St. Estèphe! Warm and rich, with plummy, pitted red fruits and leathery accents. Merlot-heavy Bordeaux Blend cuvee produces nice body, delicious, ripe fruit and mild, polished tannins. Impressive smooth structure. Of course, @winedog64 graciously provided this Marquis de Calon (which was the exact opposite of my rustic Vigno). Mad love was declared by all present who tasted. This is a super-value 2nd label from Calon Segur.
U.S. friends – you can buy this one at Costco very reasonably.
#frenchwines #winesoffrance #bordeauxwine #2012vintage via Instagram http://ift.tt/2gvazsg

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